The second World Happiness Report found that Scandinavian countries have dominated the rankings in 2013.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland were among the ten happiest countries in the world this year.

Reporting factors such as GDP, life expectancy, social support, the "perception of corruption" and "freedom to make choices in life," to give each country a score used.

Denmark in 7693, was the happiest country in the wake of Norway 7655, 7650 with Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden, 7512 to 7480.

Canada, with 7,477, 7,389 with Finland, Austria, in 7369, 7355 Iceland and Australia with 7,350 completed the top ten.

The least happy of 156 countries was followed by Togo Benin, Central African Republic, Burundi and Rwanda.

The largest increase was observed happiness in Angola, Zimbabwe, Albania, Ecuador and Moldova.

The short fall in happiness was convicted of having in Egypt, Greece, Myanmar (Burma), Jamaica and Botswana.

Costa Rica was 12 before UAE 14, Panama 15, Britain 22, France 25, Germany 26 and Italy 45


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