The new Amanda Knox and her former lover for the murder of a British student trial began in Florence, with the lawyers of the victim, saying her family was long overdue truth behind one of the most serious offenses famous Italian.

U.S. student Knox and Italian Raffaele Sollecito spent four years in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher , which was found half-naked in a pool of blood in the house she shared with Knox in 2007 , his body riddled stabbing.

Kercher 's throat had been slashed and he suffered the death of a " slow and painful " according to the coroner's report.

"I hope we make a step towards the truth, for the Kercher family . A truth that finally reveal what really happened to Meredith on the night," the lawyer Francesco Maresca said Monday.

An appeals court overturned the conviction of Knox and Sollecito in 2011 and the American student returned to Seattle , but the Italian Supreme Court ordered a new trial in March for two after an appeal by prosecutors against that have reached a " superficial judgment . "

" We are convinced of his guilt, and we believe the Supreme Court decision supports our theory , Maresca said .

The lawyer told the court that one of the Kercher family were present for Meredith 's parents were in poor health .

Knox , 26, has insisted that she will not return to any of the review process , saying that his time in prison 40 years old, suffers from panic attacks and depression.

"I was portrayed as a young , unscrupulous liar . A sex addict, a murderer. 'm Not going in , she told local newspaper Corriere Fiorentino in Florence , on the eve of the hearing.

If Knox is convicted again and lost another appeal of the Supreme Court , experts say there is a small chance he could be extradited and jailed.

Sollecito , 29 , lives in the Dominican Republic , but his family said he appeared in court later in the trial, which could last for months .

Father Francesco Sollecito , who was present at the hearing, said : " The Supreme Court wants the new court of Florence look at the basics, and we're happy .

"You can only confirm what we already know : that Raffaele had nothing to do with what happened to this poor girl said .

New trial judge ordered Alessandro Nencini decide whether DNA tests to be examined again from scratch and re- hear testimony .

The highest court in Italy ruled that a new trial was necessary because " many examples of omissions , contradictions and inconsistencies" in the decision of the appeal.

Judges accused of hiding evidence and insisted the request for continuation of the trial in the first instance - the grizzly murder is the result of " erotic game is out of control " - is a valid assumption .

He strongly disputed the decision not to try a third traces of DNA found on the alleged murder weapon - a kitchen knife found in Sollecito 's house - despite experts saying that the track was too small to produce conclusive results .

He accused judges disregard the prosecution 's request that Sollecito involvement was demonstrated by the fact that only one in three billion people were consistent with traces of DNA found on the bra Kercher .

The defense insists that the DNA samples were not admissible , since the original probe into the murder was bad - the police caught the dirty gloves proof bag and not stored properly , opening the way for the possible contamination of DNA.

The Supreme Court said Knox initial confession to police that she recanted - in which he said he heard Meredith 's screams in another room of the house and covered his ears - was sub - rated .

It has also been wrongly accused Congolese bar owner Patrick Lumumba of the murder , finding him in jail for two weeks before the crime is eliminated .

" Amanda is not here because he is guilty . She is guilty or not I would have charged ," said Lumumba , who was present at the hearing.


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